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The 5 Key Checkpoints for Evaluating Integrators

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Equity or Not

One question I’m frequently asked by owners considering a high-level hire (President/Integrator/COO) is whether or not equity will be necessary to land an exceptional candidate.

My quick answer is the following: “Except for a few rare circumstances, a real equity package is not a good idea for ...

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Hiring an Integrator?

Before hiring an Integrator, it's essential that you get clear on what will move the dial before jumping in. Hiring a great Integrator is literally a game changer for any business. When you get the right one for you, the sky is the limit. Unfortunately, in our discussions with Visionaries across ...

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EOS Worldwide® Conference 2020 Recap

Risk and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. So, it’s not surprising EOS Worldwide®, a company dedicated to serving entrepreneurs would take some risks from time to time. In late March, EOS decided to take an enormous risk regarding their annual conference. When the live event had to be shut down due ...

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Damn glad I got my Integrator!

A number of years ago another entrepreneur turned me on to the practice of “daily gratitude” - taking a few minutes every morning to acknowledge what is GOOD in your life and in your business. 

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DIY for an Integrator?

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many Visionaries who are considering an Integrator search. I have never told any of them it cannot be done successfully on a DIY basis. If you really commit to all the steps and have both the expertise and time to do them well, it’s doable.

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An Integrator May (or May Not) Be Just What Your Business Needs

I recently had a great conversation with an entrepreneur (Visionary) on the East Coast. He reached out after seeing my name/quote in Rocket Fuel, feeling he may be ready for an Integrator.

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When Hiring an Integrator, Mind the Gap!

In Great Britain, mind the gap is a warning phrase issued to Underground (subway) passengers, warning them to take caution while crossing the physical gap between the platform and the train. It is a warning urging people to take care and avoid injury.

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The Biggest Hiring Mistake a Visionary Can Make

Since Rocket Fuel was released in April 2015, I have been asked numerous times what mistakes are made most often when hiring an Integrator. Without hesitation, I answer:

The biggest mistake a Visionary can make with an Integrator role is underhiring.

Getting the Necessary Horsepower

Let's use a ...

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Finding Your Integrator: Are you really ready?

As a Visionary, your eyes are always on the big picture, audacious goals, new ideas and growth, growth, growth. For the most part, this is a great thing; it’s why you’ve gotten this far in your business. But even the fastest sports cars in the world are made with brakes. At times you need to slow ...

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