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Culture Still Matters

NOTE: The following article was originally written and published in February 2020 when the world looked very different. However, even though things have turned upside down, culture and core values are still incredibly important.    

Many of you are in a state of upheaval right now, incredibly tough ...

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How Your ESOP Board Can Drive Business Success

Just as in other types of companies, the Board of Directors in an employee owned company has both legal and fiduciary obligation to their shareholders (in an ESOP, the employee owners). Clearly, the duty of care (avoid harm to the corporation), duty of loyalty (do not put personal interests ahead ...

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Overcoming Fear of Hiring from the Outside in Family Owned Businesses

At KeyStone, we work exclusively with mid-market, privately-held businesses. And we are fortunate to count many family owned businesses as our clients. Hiring outside executives into family owned businesses can be a challenge - but it’s certainly doable, and companies reap the benefits of adding ...

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Corporate Scandal is the Product of Corporate Culture

The Volkswagen environmental cheating scandal that broke in September of 2015 threw Corporate Culture into the spotlight - and not in a positive way. Some wrote that Volkswagen's "culture of arrogance" was to blame, while others simply blame a lack of morals at the top of the company. Similar to ...

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