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Challenges and Successes as an ESOP CEO

KeyStone Search placed this impressive President and CEO just four months ago and we checked in to see how they were adjusting to life with an ESOP. They were kind enough to give us insight into the challenges they are overcoming and how the organization's mission to help people is at the core of ...

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New to ESOP - One CEO's Experience

In 2017, as part of a CEO succession strategy, KeyStone Search had the privilege of recruiting a President & CEO to take over from the founder. Being new to an ESOP, there were some critical learnings that have shaped their leadership. We checked in three years later to see how it is going and what ...

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ESOP Board Search Q&A

A KeyStone Search Executive Recruiter sat down with our CEO Mike Frommelt to discuss a recent Board search for an ESOP client. Here's their conversation...

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Equity or Not

One question I’m frequently asked by owners considering a high-level hire (President/Integrator/COO) is whether or not equity will be necessary to land an exceptional candidate.

My quick answer is the following: “Except for a few rare circumstances, a real equity package is not a good idea for ...

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Sales Problem? Or Strategic Problem?

At KeyStone Search, we have the privilege to partner with great mid-sized companies with long histories of growth and success. Frequently we are introduced to these companies when they have gotten stuck - the company's growth has stalled, and they consult us to find a new Vice President of Sales to ...

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Inspire, Respect & Reward: Lessons from Jack Wiley

I recently attended a presentation given by Jack Wiley, a renowned consultant who has built a career writing, teaching and researching what employees want most and what factors best promote employee engagement, performance confidence and business success.

Jack presented findings from his book ...

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Why Retained Search is like a Beautiful, Buttery Leather Sofa

Retained executive search often seems to scare business owners - or perhaps it just confuses them. They wonder: if other recruiters only charge me if/when I hire one of their candidates, why would I ever pay a recruiting firm a retainer fee?

This is a great question. Let me answer it by making an ...

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