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Finding Your Integrator: Are you really ready?

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As a Visionary, your eyes are always on the big picture, audacious goals, new ideas and growth, growth, growth. For the most part, this is a great thing; it’s why you’ve gotten this far in your business. But even the fastest sports cars in the world are made with brakes. At times you need to slow down and think, or even let others catch up to really achieve your vision.

To do this effectively, Visionaries often need a strategic partner in the business – the Integrator.

The Integrator makes sure the company executes, stays aligned around goals and also serves as a filter for the great ideas.

The concept sounds easy enough; Just hire the yin to your yang and move forward in pure business bliss.  But as we all know, anything worthwhile takes work and commitment, and so will finding your perfect Integrator.  The good news is if you take the time and do it right, the return will be tremendous for you and your business.

Here are a few things to consider before jumping into hiring your Integrator.

Integrators Are Not Easy to Find

 A real-deal Integrator is not just some run of the mill manager or team leader.  An Integrator is a strategic executive with significant business and general management experience.  Being able to work as a partner to a Visionary, and yet be responsible for execution is a rare combination of skills.  As such, it may take some time to find the right one. Don’t expect to put your ad on a job board and have the perfect Integrator in a couple weeks.  You’ll need a thoughtful and thorough recruiting approach, and a method for effectively evaluating potential candidates. With a recruiting partner it’s likely a 2-3 month process.  If you plan on DIY, think anywhere from 2-8 months or more for a quality hire.

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Hiring An Integrator is a Significant Investment

Consider this: it’s not unusual (as a matter of fact, it’s often preferable) to hire an Integrator who has more overall business experience than yourself (Visionary). The Integrator is not an order-taker or yes-man. You’re looking for a person with a considerable amount of confidence and credentials. This means you need to offer a competitive salary/bonus plan.  I know what you are thinking: if all they want is big money, they are not the right person.  I agree, but qualified candidates don’t need to take big risks.  Why leave a job where they’ve been successful for less money and more risk? The right Integrator may give you a little sticker shock.

Remember, the right Integrator will grow your business: The few extra thousands spent on salary are made up in millions of revenue.

Strong Vision and Culture Attracts Great People

We’ve already established that Integrators are rare, thus they are in great demand.  The best Integrators want to join companies where they can see visible signs of a bright future and true commitment toward growth and success.  Truly committing yourself to a system like EOS® is one of these signs.  Real Integrators have been around the block. They will spend time with you, analyze your V/TO, and meet your team members to check for alignment.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but If you’re faking it, your chances of landing them are slim to none.

However, if you’re committed to achieving the things they excel at - creating real accountability, driving growth, building an aligned culture etc. - your chances of landing a stellar Integrator are pretty good.

And when that happens, buckle up, you’re in for the ride of your life!

Your Integrator Search Might Require Expert Help

In case you haven’t picked it up yet, securing an Integrator is not your average hire. Just given current unemployment numbers (around 5%), it’s very likely your Integrator is currently working for someone else. So, you have to ask yourself “does my HR department really have the capability of identifying and securing a great Integrator?”  If not, seriously consider outside help from a qualified search firm.

Our company, KeyStone Search runs on EOS® and has a proven process for helping our clients hire outstanding Integrators. We’re not the least expensive option, and we won’t promise you an outstanding Integrator in two weeks time. What we do promise is a thorough search process with well identified deliverables and most importantly, the right Integrator at the end.

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