The Executive Brief

EOS Worldwide® Conference 2020 Recap

Mike Frommelt Visionary, EOS, Integrator

Risk and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. So, it’s not surprising EOS Worldwide®, a company dedicated to serving entrepreneurs would take some risks from time to time. In late March, EOS decided to take an enormous risk regarding their annual conference. When the live event had to be shut down due to COVID-19, they were faced with a choice; cancel altogether and start planning for next year, or pivot to a completely virtual conference with only a handful of weeks to prepare and deliver on May 13-15.

With a sold-out conference featuring 4 keynote speeches, 20+ breakout sessions, 12 sponsor sessions, and multiple networking opportunities on tap, switching to a virtual format would be an enormous undertaking. And, if it didn’t go well, the reputation of the conference could be damaged going forward. Despite the work and the long odds, EOS Worldwide went ahead with the virtual format. After all, “no pain-no gain” as they say.

With the virtual conference now in the rearview mirror it’s clear EOS Worldwide really delivered! As the platinum sponsor for the event, we were a bit anxious whether it would all work out, but “WOW” did it ever. The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive and our experience as a sponsor was exceptional. Although no one would ever want to be scheduled for a conference during the peak a pandemic, in some ways the timing was perfect. Every entrepreneur is facing critical business challenges right now. If you missed the EOS Conference, you can still register and get access to all of the content for 30 days.

I’m proud to say we were part of this amazing, groundbreaking event. Kudos to all the EOS Worldwide staff, the EOS Implementer community and the other sponsors who made this such a wonderful event. The keynotes were amazing, the breakouts were incredibly informative and even without the face to face contact, the on-line networking was valuable.

If you were in attendance, I hope you took away both some inspiration as well as a few practical tips on how to weather this storm and come out better on the other side. If you weren’t able to attend, please start making plans for next year’s conference being held in Houston!

If you are interested in the content from KeyStone’s presentations at the conference, email us at

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