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Retained vs. Contingent: Decoding the World of Executive Search

At some point in its history, the executive search industry made a (perhaps not so) brilliant decision to categorize firms by their fee structures; Retained vs. Contingent.

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The War for Talent Continues

 For CEOs and other executive leaders running a small or mid-sized business, it may be easy to skip right on by this article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune last week. It focused on the talent shortage in largest 50 companies in the Minneapolis market.

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Overcoming Fear of Hiring from the Outside in Family Owned Businesses

At KeyStone, we work exclusively with mid-market, privately-held businesses. And we are fortunate to count many family owned businesses as our clients. Hiring outside executives into family owned businesses can be a challenge - but it’s certainly doable, and companies reap the benefits of adding ...

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When Change and Culture Clash, Communication is Key

I recently read a 2006 Harvard Business Review article titled “The Seasoned Executive’s Decision Making Style” which discussed the ways in which executive’s leadership styles change as they advance in their career. This got me thinking about how an executive’s leadership style must adapt when they ...

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Let’s Retire Touchy-Feely and Kumbaya Once and For All

This post was kindly contributed by Leigh Bailey, founder and CEO of The Bailey Group.

The Bailey Group partners with CEOs and their executive teams to provide clarity and alignment during uncertain times, ensuring that companies can navigate their current situations while building new business ...

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