The Executive Brief

An Integrator May (or May Not) Be Just What Your Business Needs

I recently had a great conversation with an entrepreneur (Visionary) on the East Coast. He reached out after seeing my name/quote in Rocket Fuel, feeling he may be ready for an Integrator.

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2019 Conference for Companies Running on EOS® Recap

What an amazing conference this year in Atlanta for companies running on EOS®! The passion and enthusiasm was palpable, from the opening address through the closing remarks. And, the topics/speakers in between were outstanding.

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Out Over Your Skis: When your company outgrows its executive leadership

In ski jumping, it’s not good to get too far over your skis as you fly down the hill.  If you do, its very likely you will crash, or at best have a clumsy landing.  In my 20 + years of working with privately held companies, I’ve noticed something very interesting with entrepreneur (Visionary) ...

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KeyStone's Spring 2019 Search Summary

KeyStone Search would like to thank all of our clients and congratulate the executives who have taken on new roles over the last six months.

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When Hiring an Integrator, Mind the Gap!

In Great Britain, mind the gap is a warning phrase issued to Underground (subway) passengers, warning them to take caution while crossing the physical gap between the platform and the train. It is a warning urging people to take care and avoid injury.

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8 Questions to Ask While Preparing Your ESOP for CEO Succession

In the life cycle of a business, there is no moment quite as pivotal as CEO succession. This is a huge moment, an opportunity to continue the company's upward trajectory and to bring new skills to the company. Get it right, and the results can be transformational. But, get it wrong, and your ...

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3 Key Factors for Avoiding Surprises in a New Role

Have you ever accepted a new position with an uneasy feeling about the company or culture you were entering? During the interview process, everything looked good on the surface - but you can't shake the feeling you hadn't gotten the full story.

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Giving Human Resources a Seat at the Table

As a retained executive recruiter in Minneapolis, I have had the great fortune to work with a number of companies hiring their first strategic human resources leader. Surprisingly, these companies have not been start-ups or small companies - all were long standing, reputable companies with over ...

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Egos and ESOPs - Like Oil and Water

During our many years of recruiting senior level talent for employee-owned companies, KeyStone Search has discovered a number of characteristics that a leader must possess to be successful in an ESOP. We've also found a few key things that simply do not work. Perhaps the most significant red ...

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The Biggest Hiring Mistake a Visionary Can Make

Since Rocket Fuel was released in April 2015, I have been asked numerous times what mistakes are made most often when hiring an Integrator. Without hesitation, I answer:

The biggest mistake a Visionary can make with an Integrator role is underhiring.

Getting the Necessary Horsepower

Let's use a ...

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