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2019 Conference for Companies Running on EOS® Recap

Mike Frommelt Leadership, EOS, Keystone Updates

What an amazing conference this year in Atlanta for companies running on EOS®! The passion and enthusiasm was palpable, from the opening address through the closing remarks. And, the topics/speakers in between were outstanding.

I was honored to deliver a presentation along with Mary Nutting from CorTalent titled, “Imagine the Right Leaders… to Take Your Company to the Next Level”.

A few key highlights:

  • It’s important to build your team with your growth goals in mind, making sure the company never outgrows its talent or “gets over its skis”
  • Strategic leaders think and act differently. They are able to deal in the “what ifs” of your business i.e. What if we add five new locations, 10 new products, 50 new customers etc… As the business grows and becomes more complex, more strategic leaders are necessary to maintain the growth trajectory
  • Hiring a qualified Integrator is necessary when the Visionary can no longer do what they only can contribute to the business and/or when the cost of not having an Integrator outweighs the cost of hiring one.

The session was very interactive with many great questions from the audience, the only regret was not having more time to dive even deeper! 

Mike Frommelt

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