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KeyStone's Spring 2019 Search Summary

KeyStone Search Keystone Updates

KeyStone Search would like to thank all of our clients and congratulate the executives who have taken on new roles over the last six months.

KeyStone 2019 Search Summary

Tom Peterson -  Division Manager, TCC Materials   

Tom McDonough – General Manager Philadelphia, Case Paper  

Dan Hutmacher –CEO, DMA  

Jeff Eaton – President, Ehlers  

BJ Gehrki – VP and General Manager, The Graham Group 

James Benning – President, Knutson Construction  

Joyce Mihalik – Integrator, NOPEC  

Andrea Lindquist – VP of Operations, Prospect Foundry  

Nate Damro –VP of Business Development, Safe Reflections  

Amy Kiefer – Chief Operating Officer, Stein Industries  

Eric Ricard – VP Finance, Shaw/Stewart 

Mark Christie – President & CEO, Bostwick-Braun  

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