The Executive Brief

When Hiring an Integrator, Save for a Schwinn

Mike Frommelt Visionary, EOS, Integrator

At some point in my childhood, I decided it was time for a 10 speed bike. My parents thought I should buy this bike with my own money, to teach me the value of a dollar.

I looked at the ads and found a few bikes I thought I could afford. They were being sold at the big box store of the day: K-Mart. The bikes I was considering were significantly cheaper than the “Cadillac” of the time, a Schwinn. Thinking he would be proud, I confidently told my dad I wanted to spend my allowance money on one of the cheaper bikes. My dad responded in a firm manner "There is no way I'll let you spend your money on any of those bikes; save your money until you can buy a Schwinn." He continued: "Any money you spend on those other brands will be thrown down the drain, because they will fall apart and you ultimately won't be happy."

As you might guess, I saved for a few more months and bought the Schwinn. It took me where I wanted to go for many years to come. I was glad I did and never forgot the lesson.

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Hiring the Right Integrator is a Big Investment, With Big ROI

When it comes to hiring an Integrator, the same holds true. Yes, an Integrator is expensive. To get a qualified Integrator, you may have to pay 50-75% more than you are paying your highest paid employee. You may even have to pay as much or more than you’re currently paying yourself. But remember this: the ROI on the right Integrator is measured in millions, not thousands. The right Integrator will propel your business to the next level of success.

What Type of Integrator Makes Sense for Your Business?

It’s okay if you’re not ready for a full-time Integrator. You can continue to play both Visionary and Integrator until you have the wherewithal to do it right. Or, you can bring in a Fractional Integrator - one who will dedicate 2-3 days a week to your business versus being full-time. Whatever you do, don't sell yourself short with anything less than a real deal Integrator - the money and time spent can be a momentum killer for the business.

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