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Culture is YOUR Competitive Advantage

At Keystone, we are culture addicts. Besides spending every day working with awesome companies with great cultures, we enthusiastically read articles and blogs to gain even more insight on what makes a great company culture. This month, two amazing company cultures jumped out at us (and they ...

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Oh No, Not Again!

The Volkswagen environmental cheating scandal that broke in September has thrown Corporate Culture into the spotlight - and not in a positive way. Some have said Volkswagen's ‘culture of arrogance’ was to blame, while others simply blame a lack of morals at the top of the company (Fortune ...

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Inspire, Respect & Reward

I recently attended a presentation given by Jack Wiley, a renowned consultant who has built a career writing, teaching and researching what employees want most and what factors best promote employee engagement, performance confidence and business success. Jack presented findings from a research ...

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