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The 5 Key Checkpoints for Evaluating Integrators

Next month I’ll be speaking at A Conference for Companies Running on EOS® -- a first-ever event for companies that have fully embraced EOS tools, systems and philosophies. My talk will focus mainly on strategies for successful Integrator and functional leader search and hiring.  

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Evaluating and Hiring Leaders For Your ESOP

At KeyStone, we have a particular appreciation for ESOP companies. They have an innate understanding of the importance of cultural fit and alignment to things we have built our practice upon. I am very excited to be attending and speaking at the 2017 NCEO annual conference in Denver, Colorado ...

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The War for Leadership

We’ve all heard the scary numbers regarding baby boomer retirements; Some 96M boomers to retire in the next 10 or so years, with only 46M Millennials behind them to fill in the gap.

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